Where to Go in Ghana for Panoramic Views

Wli Waterfalls | ©  
Stig Nygaard / Flickr
Wli Waterfalls | © Stig Nygaard / Flickr
Photo of Hakeem Adam
16 May 2017

Start planning and get your cameras ready for some far-reaching vistas. From mountains and waterfalls, to a historic lighthouse, here are five vantage points from which to experience some of Ghana‘s best scenery.

James Fort Light House

Over the past few years, the number of high-rise buildings in Accra has tripled. There are now many places where you can stand over the city and view the patchwork that the different coloured rooftops create. However, this collage is not accessible as most of these buildings are not open to the public. It is only at the James Fort Lighthouse that you can enjoy such a view and more. Located in Jamestown, the iconic red and white lighthouse allows Accra to spread out before your eyes. This bird’s eye view of the original settlement and fishing harbour nearby, crowded with canoes of different colours is truly priceless.

The Jamestown Lighthouse | © David Stanley /Flickr

Mount Afadja

Mount Afadja is the highest mountain in Ghana, with its peak reaching 885m (2,900ft) above sea level. From there you get an unobstructed look at the Akwapin range of mountains, which the Volta Lake cuts through on its way into the Gulf of Guinea.

Lake Volta | Sopotnicki / Shutterstock

Wli Waterfalls

Hiding between the lush green forest cover, the Wli Waterfalls are a magnificent sight to behold. Watch the water cascading from 80m (260ft) high to create a constant cloud of white around it. This top tourist destination consists of upper and lower falls, each of which are stunning to watch. You can also swim in the shallow water after watching its cascade.

Wli Waterfalls | © Stig Nygaard / Flickr

Cape Three Points

Cape Three Points it the southernmost tip of the Republic of Ghana. The small peninsula is almost completely surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, with rainforest in the distance. At the lighthouse on this small patch of land, you get to see the beautiful coastline separating the thick green forest and the great ocean waves like a crooked zipper. From this spot, you can also see offshore oil fields in the distance.

Ghana’s southern coast | © Mike Norton / Flickr

Lake Bosumtwi

Lake Bosumtwi sits like a calabash in the middle of a forest rainforest. A meteorite that made landfall over a million years ago created this natural lake. Stretching over 8 km (5mi) wide, the body of water created by the crater is often calm and contrasts with the thick rainforest surrounding it. The Ashanti who inhabit the area around it consider the water sacred, so fishing activities are limited to wooden canoes only. You can ride slowly by boats to the many resorts that circle it.

Lake Bosomtwi | © MinaLegend / Flickr

Aburi Botanical Gardens

Aburi is a town on top of a mountain range just a few kilometres outside Accra. The township is where Ghana’s most popular botanical gardens are located. Amidst the rare trees, shrubs and bushes, you can see a great portion of Accra spread out before you in the nearby valley. From the Aburi Botanical Gardens at night, or any spot on the mountain, Accra becomes a beautiful vista of glistening coloured lights.

The Aburi Botanical Gardens | © Erik Cleves Kristensen / Flickr

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