The Most Spectacular Places to Cycle in Ghana

A bicycle bridge © 
Joe Wolf / Flickr
A bicycle bridge © Joe Wolf / Flickr
Photo of Hakeem Adam
21 January 2017

If you’re hoping to explore the country of Ghana, why not consider doing it while cycling? Ride through the veins of the cities, check out tourist attractions and see the architecture, the culture and the local style fly by you as you burn some calories and stay healthy. Here are some of the places that look good from the seat of a bike.


Aburi is a town in the eastern region, a few miles outside Accra. It is perched on a serene mountain and the road leading up to it is every cyclist’s dream. The grey asphalt cuts through the sides of the imposing mountain and snakes with gorgeous curves, all the way to the top. On one side you have the thick dense forest cover of the mountain in your view and on the valley side, Accra is spread out before you. The ride to the top may be difficult but it is really worth the view.

Aburi, Ghana

Adomi Bridge

Map View
The Adomi Bridge
The Adomi Bridge | © Adam Vowles / Flickr
The magnificent Volta River, travels a great distance from its source in Burkina Faso, then across the length of Ghana before emptying in the Gulf of Guinea. The Adomi Bridge, which runs along the span of Volta River, is the best location to catch this great river’s trip. The suspension bridge links the Eastern and Volta Regions and is a major crossing point. Take your bike and watch the wires holding up the bridge reflect in the shimmering water as you ride along.

John Evans Atta-Mills High Street

Accra started out in colonial times as a group of organic settlements on the Atlantic coast, inhabited by the Ga people. However, today it has grown widely and stretches several miles inland. You can still explore the original areas of Accra – Jamestown, Usshertown, Bukom and the Central Business District (Makola Market) – by riding along the John Evans Atta-Mills High Street. This main road from the Korle Lagoon allows you to ease by the original Ga settlements and see what they are today, including their fishing harbours, boxing gyms and Accra’s lighthouse where there is a panoramic view of the coast. The High Street is also perfectly safe for bicycles with pavements on both sides throughout.

John Evans Atta-Mills High Street, Accra, Ghana.

The Jamestown Lighthouse © David Stanley / Flickr

The Jamestown Lighthouse | © David Stanley / Flickr

Accra-Tema Beach Road

Another route that allows you to commute very close to the beaches of Accra is the Accra-Tema Beach Road. This dual-carriage road, near the thundering waves of the Atlantic Ocean, connects Accra to the industrial town of Tema where Ghana’s major seaport is located. Feel the sea breeze on your skin as you ride through towns like Nungua on the way to Tema. A sunset ride would be ideal to enjoy the splendid view.

Accra-Tema Beach Road, Accra, Ghana

The Atlantic Ocean © Greg Neate / Flickr

The Atlantic Ocean | © Greg Neate / Flickr

Kwahu Mountains

Mountain roads are breathtaking as they offer magnificent scenic views and physically challenge cyclists. Situated in the dense tropical forest belt in the Eastern Region, the imposing Kwahu Mountains provide sleek and sharp roads for cyclists with eye-catching valley views. If you do not fear steep, meandering roads then cycle your way up the Kwahu Mountains that are famous for paragliding. At the top you can also experience the rich Akan culture of the Akwapim who inhabit the peak.

Kwahu Mountains, Mpraeso-Adowso Road, Eastern Region, Ghana.

The Kwahu Mountains © C A / Flickr

The Kwahu Mountains| © C A / Flickr