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Stoemtrooper with a camera  © Johan Hansson / Flickr
Stoemtrooper with a camera © Johan Hansson / Flickr
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The Coolest Ghanaian Instagrammers You Need to Follow

Picture of Hakeem Adam
Updated: 19 January 2017
Instagram has become a portal through which we see the world and explore its dimensions through the eyes of others. There are many users of Instagram in Accra, Ghana, whose posts easily stand out with interesting and exciting content featuring fashion, style, food, music and design. Below are the Accra-based Instagrammers you need to have on your feed.

Annertey | @annertey

Graphic designer and illustrator Annertey’s Instagram is one of those pages you wish was yours because of his clean, minimal gridded aesthetic. Exhibiting the traits of a true design expert, he strays from the habit of posting random images like you may see on other accounts. Instead, he ensures many of his images share some connection, be it in the color composition or the thematic undertones.

[Chalewote 2014] (Playing in @ofoesaysit's Studio of Colors)

A photo posted by Annertey (@annertey) on

Ofoe Amegavie | @ofoesaysit

For great fashion and documentary photography, look no further: Ofoe Amegavie exhibits tremendous dexterity in documenting the beauties of the city of Accra. This feed comprises pictures ranging from music concepts and fashion shoots to traditional festivals, all with clean white borders that make them stand out.

@gedoe__ Portrait Ofoe Amegavie

A photo posted by ofoesaysit (@ofoeamegavie) on

Fotombo | @fotombo

Spoken word artist Mutombo Da Poet takes iPhone photography to new horizons on this feed. On his page, you will get to engage with Accra and Ghana in a way you may not be able to in reality due to the place’s fast-paced nature. Fotombo steals these snippets in time with his phone lens, allowing his audience to see moments they are likely to miss.

Steloo | @steloolive

Steloo is the kind of person to stand out in any place or crowd. His personal style, which is reminiscent of the sapeurs of Congo, mixed with the free-flowing creative energies of Accra makes him a presence to behold. Whether he’s Djing at a club or simply strolling down the street, Steloo magnetizes your attention on his Instagram account with images of his lifestyle. His Instagram is also a place where you can find inspiration for your own street style.

RED Photo : Francis Kokoroko

A photo posted by Steloo (@steloolive) on

The Vintage Mason | @the.vintage.mason

The Vintage Mason is definitely one of the cool kids to follow if you want to keep up with the latest fashion trends or learn more about personal style. He exhibits a profound appreciation for bright bold color and clean backgrounds. He also sometimes shares snippets of poetry that re-emphasizes his keen and strong sense of style.

How shady white can be

A photo posted by n.y oduro (@the.vintage.mason) on

Francis Kokoroko | @accraphoto

Francis Kororoko is one of Ghana’s best documentary photographers. All his images have a way of drawing the viewer in with the detail they possess. He uses his Instagram accounts to document his travels as well as the interesting people he meets along the way. The daily lives of Ghanaians are also impressively captured in his photo series, like the Accra’s Growing Middle Class photo series.

James Barnor. Photographer. © Francis Kokoroko @accraphoto 2016 #ghana #legends

A photo posted by Francis Kokoroko (@accraphoto) on

Theophilus Mensah | @ofoli_kwei

Basketball is nowhere near football in terms of popularity or development in Ghana but photographer Theophilus Mensah has fallen in love with the game. Out of this affinity, he displays some of the interesting scenes around shooting hoops in Ghana. These range from tournaments to training sessions and abandoned courts. His Instagram page is proof that beauty exists in places we do not expect.

I have a lot to be thankful for. I pray we all soar higher this year. • #HappyNewYear #GhanaBasketball

A photo posted by Ofoli Kwei Mensah (@ofoli_kwei) on

Villa Grace | @villagracegh

Gastronomist Fred Apaloo specializes in creating unforgettable experiences around food and his Instagram page depicts this. Find glistening images of all kinds of local and continental dishes in splendid color from his exclusive private fine dining events. Villa Grace is his way of documenting his experiments with food and you’ll be happy to get lost in the memories.