TED Talks From Ghanaian Speakers to Inspire Entrepreneurs

Courtesy of TEDx
Courtesy of TEDx
Photo of Rajaa Banda
11 August 2017

From book publishers and biochemists to website creators and world travelers, these ten speakers from diverse backgrounds offer valuable lessons on the power of ideas, personal development, leadership, and the meaning of success.

Kwabena Adisi

Also known as Bola Ray, this media mogul has forged a unique and trailblazing path in mass entertainment with a burgeoning empire that encompasses cross country radio stations, print media, television, and live entertainment. The former school slacker traces his difficult journey to success as he pioneered new avenues in Ghanaian media.

Kelvin Nyame

The CEO of MeQasa, the real estate website revolutionizing how Ghanaians buy and rent properties, received a $500,000 investment, the dream of any entrepreneur with a start up. He recounts his journey to the idea and beyond.

Ivy Appiah

Appiah, a biochemist by training, came to business via developing food and cosmetic products that she wanted to sell. In this practical talk she recounts the daunting reality of starting a business that requires large costs. This did not deter her and here she emphasizes the idea of starting small with what you have where you can.

Farida Nana Efua Bedewei

This inspiring woman uses her TED platform as a call to action, emphasizing that success in business, as in life, boils down to problem-solving and momentum. She notes that innovation should come from dissatisfaction, asking: are you comfortable? If the answer is no, then what are you doing about it?

Eyram Tawiah

The video game industry doesn’t have any roots in Africa, let alone Ghana, but Eyram Tawiah is here to change that. He is a man whose enthusiasm, lust for life, and vision are infectious as he sets forth his agenda for creating a whole new industry across the continent based on an African identity. Inspiring indeed.

Edem Adzaho

The founder of Global Graduate Academy and manager of SPEC consult limited coaches and trains West Africans on entrepreneurship. Character, passion, and being true to what you love are her focus, she believes that these are the things that help transform your life and set you on the path to success.

Fiifi Baidoo

In this brief but effective and powerful talk, the founder of Ghanaian hub for budding entrepreneurs and start ups—iSpace—breaks down the different types of entrepreneurs he encounters, fixing them into three groups: talkers, dreamers, and risk takers. He speaks about what distinguishes and motivates them and with valuable insight he boils success down to action, urging us all to just start doing.

Kelvin Cline

In this deceptively simple talk, Cline, an Amazon bestselling author who writes on branding and lifestyle speaks on mastery of skills, innovation, attitude, and making the most of every opportunity.

Princess Umul Hatiyya Ibrahim Mahama

Aiming to inspire and challenge people’s status quo, Mahama emphasizes how when wanting to sell an idea to an investor, what you are really doing is selling yourself. Self-knowledge and embracing new perspectives whilst investing in your ideas in terms of money and time and being a fully realized person are things investors can believe in.

Lucy Quist

CEO of one of Ghana’s biggest telecommunications firms, Airtel, Quist aims to inspire and motivate with her success story, giving us valuable lessons in leadership that she hopes will inspire a “new normal” for not just Ghana but the entire African continent.

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