An Essential Guide for Vegetarians in Accra

Palaver stew | © benketaro/WikiCommons
Palaver stew | © benketaro/WikiCommons
Photo of Rajaa Banda
27 November 2017

Ghana is a country of meat lovers, but despite an increasing amount of vegetarians and health-conscious citizens, many people worry about being stuck in the unimaginative grind of vegetables and rice. Here are some tips on getting the most out of your veggie meals in Accra.

Vegetarian-friendly Ghanaian dishes

Red red

Simple and delicious, red red is a bean and plantain dish best eaten plain or with a side of egg. Cheaper chop bar versions are available, as are fancier restaurant styles, where the beans are cooked more as a stew.


A hugely popular breakfast food, waakye is great for vegetarians, as all its parts are sold separately and each customer can customise the type of meal they want. Skip the fish or meat and go for egg instead, load up on the rice and beans, and throw in some plantains, salad or spaghetti if you so wish.

Palaver stew

A leaf-vegetable stew that can be eaten with rice, yams, or boiled or fried plantains.

Palaver stew | © benketaro/WikiCommons


A delicious stew made from ground melon seeds.

Jollof rice

The famous rice cooked with tomatoes and spices. Always inquire whether meat (or meat stock) has been added to the cooking pot for flavour.

Kenkey and banku

Kenkey and banku are fermented corn balls, a bit like dumplings. Kenkey are made with the corn husk, with the fiber left in, while banku are a more refined version. Skip the usual fried or smoked fish side, and opt for the beans (an underrated specialty), with a side of onions and peppers for dipping.

Typical banku plate with fresh peppers, onion, tomato and fish | © Dromo Tetteh/WikiCommons

Vegetarian-friendly restaurants

PAT Vegetarian and Health Food Restaurant

The gold standard in veggie chop bar food. Find all the standard dishes here, without a meat or fish stock in sight. From okro stew to deliciously rich groundnut, relax and try them all.

Simret Ethiopian

This authentic, cozy and home-style restaurant is open five days a week and is a veggie delight. Here you can find wholesome lentil- and chickpea-based stews, soups, salads and much more.

Ethiopian lentil stew | © SaraJane/Flickr


Indian is always a great bet for vegetarians, and in Ghana, thanks to a large Southeast Asian community, there are lots of places where you can get fantastic and fragrant dishes, and Kohinoor is one of them.

Tarka Daal | © aimee rivers/Flickr

Sunshine Salad Bar

The gold standard of salad bars in Accra, Sunshine has an extensive menu of quality foods, including curries, hummus, wraps, sandwiches, salads and a full bar’s worth of homemade sweets and desserts.

Zion Thai

A popular restaurant in Osu, where you will find authentic and tasty Thai dishes and flavours, and veggie versions of all the meals on offer.

Thai curry | © missy/Flickr

The Counter Burger

This burger joint boasts Ghana’s first fully vegan burger. Impressively, this relatively new restaurant also has a tasty selection of salads and sandwiches, as well as a ‘create your own’ option, where you can mix all manner of veggie delights together.

Veggie burger | © Lara604/Flickr

Best street food options

Roasted plantains with roasted nuts

A surprisingly filling snack that is also super healthy and found at most street food stalls.

Roasted corn

Usually seasonal, when plantains are out of season, roasted corn is an ideal snack when on the go.

Fried yams

Sold almost everywhere, dip them into some freshly ground pepper, or enjoy them solo if they are of the sweet puna variety.


A mainly evening snack, kelewele is plantain fried in ginger and a mix of spices that both highlight and compliment the plantain’s sweetness.

A seller of peanuts and plantains | ©David Stanley/Flickr

And don’t forget…

Don’t take it for granted that soups are vegetarian. Ask how the soup is cooked, as many will be made with some kind of meat stock.

Watch out for pepper such as shito, which is made with fried fish skins.

Snack on the seasonal produce. Avocado, for example, is often spread across bread thanks to its creamy texture and fragrant varieties.

Fried plantains | © Arnold Gatilao/Flickr

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