An Adventure Traveler's Guide To Ghana

Ghana Teaching Project
Ghana Teaching Project | © Frontierofficial/Flickr
Photo of Kwame Aidoo
13 May 2017

Ghana offers those up to an adventure and a challenge many opportunities including adrenaline-pumped day trips and sensational safaris. Here are some of the many excursions awaiting those interested in sight seeing or experiencing a unique, cultural activity.

Jet Ski in Ada

Ada and the whole area around the Volta River Delta exposes visitors to a serene and pleasant atmosphere. A nice weekend-trip destination, join the boat tour in this great destination about 100km (62.1 miles) away from Accra. Ada Day Tours connects tourists with local tour guides who show guests around Ada Foah and plan exciting activities. Don’t forget to visit the local gin producers and see the alligators in the delta.

The lone Jet Ski | © Mark Leo/Flickr

Climb Mount Afadja

Approximately 885 metres (2903.5 feet) above sea level, Mount Afadja is located in the Volta Region and just 2km (1.2 miles) away from the Togo border. Also known as Mount Afadjato, the Liati Wote (main) and Gbledi Gbogame provide hiker-friendly entrances.

Mountain Afadjato Scenery | © Dieu-Donné Gameli/Wikimedia Commons

Hang Out With Hippos in Wechiau

Within the 40km (24.9 mile) expanse of the Black Volta River in Ghana’s Upper West Region, the Wechiau Community Hippo Sanctuary works to protect and preserve the wildlife and their environs. Put together by the local traditional heads in 1999, Wechiau is home to one of the two remaining hippopotamus populations in Ghana.

Hippo | © Camilla Faurholdt-Löfvall/Flickr

Mount Elephants in Mole

There are more unusual and edifying eco-travel experiences east of Wechiau. The Mole National Park is Ghana’s largest national-game park. Home to about 800 elephants and a wide array of animals and fauna including warthogs, buffaloes, and hyenas as well as shea trees, shrubs, herbaceous plants, and savanna grasses. Locals also harvest honey here using traditional, non-invasive methods. The Mole Hotel is open year round and provides the required amenities to supply visitors’ needs.

African Elephants | © Reporterruthie/Flickr

Stopover at a Waterfall

Ghana has some beautiful natural rapids and shoots of water. For instance, the Kumasi-Kintampo Highway leads to the Pumpu River and its series of three waterfalls. In the Volta Region, Wli is the highest waterfall in West Africa, pouring from a height of 80m (262.5 feet) into its pure jacuzzis. Also, the Kwahu Paragliding Festival at the Odwenanoma Mountain provides the go-to event around Easter time each year.

Meanwhile, the rumpy enclaves of Aburi houses the Boti Falls and a great space for biking. For relaxation and appreciation of the rare fauna, make a stop at the Aburi Botanical Gardens or take the exciting Kakum Walk.

Waterfall and water source | © Susan Bodenner/Flickr

Experience Nzulezu

Roughly 90 kilometers (56 miles) west of Takoradi, Nzulezu sits on stilts and overlooks Lake Tadane. The town folk share the legend that the village’s protecting spirit is a snail. This led the people to this land, and they presently subsist on fishing, farming, and tourism. While the hotel may not meet guests’ high-end tastes—for example, they power the TVs with car batteries—it’s an enthralling experience nonetheless that guests can get to by taking a 45-minute-canoe ride from the town of Beyin.

Nzulezu Stilt Village | © Mac-Jordan Degadjor/Flickr

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