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City of Accra | © YawAnsong/Wikicommons
City of Accra | © YawAnsong/Wikicommons
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Accra Is Ghana's New Must-Visit Cultural Hotspot

Picture of Maria Iotova
Updated: 9 February 2017
When you think of Ghana’s capital, you might think of bright colors, a glowing sun, the smell of kelewele and the gari spiced street foods, the sound of tro-tros beeping, and happy and proud people, who tell you in broken English: ‘Ghana is nice and people are good’. Accra, in all its fun frenzy of a big city, has deep familial and communal values, which explains the immediate sense of hospitality. But beyond Accra’s bustling vibes, the population has built a cultural entertainment hub within the city, and anyone is welcome to experience all it has to offer.

Accra [dot] ALT

Accra [dot] ALT is a year-round cultural outlet for African alternative music, video and art. Anything fresh, from photography projects to short films and live concerts, is curated by a like-minded team who are “putting Ghana on the world map and staking new claims of the future of the country”. Don’t miss the PAMA Festival — a one-day carnival celebrating and showcasing talented poets, animators, musicians and fine artists. But if you need more time to organize your sub-Saharan journey, then make sure you arrive on time for the annual Chale Wote Street Art Festival.

Nubuke Foundation

Nubuke Foundation is bringing together children and adults for an exhilarating cultural experience. A reading club for kids, community projects and workshops on collages, screen printing, beading, tie and dye and Asafo flags are only some of the events organized. From Tuesday to Saturday between 10am to 5:30pm, visitors are invited to embrace Ghanaian heritage and to follow Ghana’s visual artists in this suburban oasis. Exhibitions, such as Fatric Belong’s recent exhibition Caught in the Web are shown on a regular basis – Bewong works created from waste (plastics, cloth ends, objects) found on the coastline of Ghana. Bewong ‘reimagines these objects’ and challenges the viewers to reconsider their impact on the environment each time they make a consumerist decision.

Accra Central Business District | © finnish eye/WikiCommons
Accra Central Business District | © finnish eye/WikiCommons

Alliance Française d’ Accra

With many events to choose from all year round, Alliance Française d’ Accra is one of the city’s standout cultural institutions. Here you will come across events by local and international artists enthusiastic to promote “cultural diversity, the passion for exchange and solidarity, and associative values and innovation”. April is full of music at this major artistic venue in Accra. You can choose from the jazz and afrobeat rhythms of Adomaa Afraba, the captivating voice of Cape Verdean Elida Almeida, and a fusion show, which merges fashion with salsa music.

Wild Gecko Handicrafts

A cultural trip to Accra cannot be complete without gifts and souvenirs. Wild Gecko Handicrafts collaborates with local artists, and the result is a range of items (jewelry, textiles, furniture, frames, stationary, sculpture and carvings) made from brass metal, horn, glass, aluminum and wood. Your purchases from this local business will support the artisans’ communities, and act as an international promotion of their quirky products. The handcrafted all cow horn jewelries are produced with a technique that goes back 300 years, but as you will see there’s always space for innovation and development when working with this unpredictable material — straight and clean at times and fluid and imperfect at others.