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Barber shop in Tamale |© hiroo yamagata / Flickr
Barber shop in Tamale |© hiroo yamagata / Flickr
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18 Photos That Will Make You Want to Visit Northern Ghana

Picture of Rajaa Banda
Updated: 18 October 2017
Northern Ghana is very different from its southern counterpart: dry, dusty, and very, hot but also filled with life and some great off the beaten track surprises. Here we show you a few of them.

Unlike in the south, two wheels are the norm—bicycles, mopeds, and motorcycles, for both men and women.

Lady on a bicycle, Tamale
Lady on a bicycle, Tamale | ©crosby-cj/Flickr

These beautiful stark villages are from somewhere lost in time.

Village scene outside Tamale, Ghana
Village scene outside Tamale, Ghana | © World Bank Photo collections/ Flickr

The Larabanga Mosque is one of the oldest of its kind in West Africa.

Larabanga Mosque
Larabanga Mosque | ©Stig Nygaard/Flickr

Flowers of the Dawadwa tree hang like lanterns in the trees.

Dawadawa flowers
Dawadawa flowers | ©TREEAID / Flickr

During the harmattan, the North is enveloped in the dust of the Sahara and the sun strains to get through the mist in the middle of the day, creating all sorts of colors in the sky.

Harmattan in Tamale
Harmattan in Tamale | ©hiroo yamagata / Flickr

Elephants regularly bathe at Mole National park.

Safari in Mole
Safari in Mole | ©Stig Nygaard/Flickr

An Egyptian thorn, native to the sahel, is used as fencing to keep livestock away from young trees in orchards.

Egyptian Thorn tree
Egyptian Thorn tree | ©TREEAID / Flickr

A baboon relaxes on his perch.

Baboon resting at Mole
Baboon resting at Mole | ©Stig Nygaard / Flickr

A perfectly kept barbershop stands proud.

Barber shop in Tamale
Barbershop in Tamale | © hiroo yamagata / Flickr

Spotted in a small village, this striking ancient mosque speaks of a forgotten time and history.

Mosque in Northern Ghana
Mosque in Northern Ghana | © Erik Cleves Kristensen/Flickr

The Tamale chief sits atop a horse in a tribal procession.

Procession of a Tamale chief
Procession of a Tamale chief | © Maarten van der Bent/Flickr

Sunset over the savannah at Mole National park.

Mole sunset
Mole sunset | © Chad Skeers/Flickr

Giant striated boulders known as whistling rocks, due to the ghostly sound they make during the harmattan winds, sit at Tongo hills.

Enormous boulders in Tongo hills
Enormous boulders in Tongo hills | © Jurgen/Flickr

Scores of the preferred transport of the region sit under a striking red tree.

Bike power in Northern Ghana
Bike power in Northern Ghana | © Hughes/Flickr

Bolgatanga market has some of the most reasonable produce in the region due to the high proportion of farmers.

Bolgatanga is known for its basket weaving in bright colors.

Bolgatanga baskets
Bolgatanga baskets | © Photogramma1/Flickr

These “tame” crocodiles at Paga allow you to get closer than you’d ever imagine.

Crocodile at Paga
Crocodile at Paga | Pixabay

A warthog at Mole is just one of the interesting fauna encountered there.

Warthog at Mole
Warthog at Mole | Pixabay