African screen print |© MRTdesigns / Flickr
African screen print |© MRTdesigns / Flickr
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11 Top Artisan Workshops in the Whole of Ghana

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Updated: 27 December 2017
When you’ve had enough lounging, drinking, and dancing, get involved and explore Ghanaian life by taking part in varied and creative workshops that span the nuances of local cuisine, soulful drumming, art production, and more.


The art of making African batik is on offer in this great class in Cape Coast run by fair trade organization Global Mammas. Spend a few hours learning techniques and come away with your own personalized two yards of fabric.

Call +233 54 432 3833 or email


Learn how to take recycled glass and turn it into beads in this Nuaso Krobo Workshop, and at the end of the session come away with a special bracelet of your own.

Call +233 54 432 3833 or email


In the Ashanti region, stop into Kente Village and learn the art of this indigenous form of weaving that has been practiced for centuries. Located off the beaten track in Bonwire, a master weaver will take you through the process and show you the different weaving techniques.

Adanwomase Kente Weavers, +233 20 860 5685

Woven Kente
Woven Kente | © ESB Professional/Shutterstock


Learn to craft, mold, set, and fire up your individually made piece of crafted clay at Unique Ceramics.

50 Adamafio link, Accra, +233 24 414 4746 / +233 24 967 1848


Ceramic cups |© Julia Chapple / Flickr

Soap Making

The aptly titled Ghana Soap School teaches the unique art of Black Soap making, the organic and relied upon staple for many West African women.

Trasacco Estate Rd, Ghana, Opposite Islamic University, Accra, +233 20 105 0154


These classes are offered in many places across the country, usually near where drums are being made. In Cape Coast, Global Mammas run a well-regarded workshop and in Accra, Pink Hostel organizes similar events paired with dancing.

Call Pink Hostel at +233 30 225 6710 or email

Call Global Mammas at +233 54 432 3833 or email

Unity drummers, Ghana | © OneVillage Initiative / Flickr


African dance classes are available at Alliance Francaise, complete with percussionists. At the University of Legon, there are weekly African dance classes, and there is an opportunity to learn traditional Ashanti dance with the Asanti Dance Theatre.

Email Alliance Francaise at or call +233 50 1287 815.

Contact the University of Legon at +233 27 356 6831 or +233 27 752 2229.

Contact the Asanti Dance Theatre director Mr. Omari at +233 54 466 2895 / +233 27 617 2390 or email him at

Ghana dance | © Brendan / Flickr

Headwrapping and Beauty

Choose two yards of fabric to take home and join Auntie Nana to learn a variety of traditional head wrapping styles.

Call Global Mammas at +233 54 432 3833 or email

African head wrap style | © Select A Style / Flickr

Tye Dye

The Nubuke foundation holds these classes every Saturday, so get involved for the opportunity to take home your very own cultivated piece of fabric.

Contact Nubuke at +233 27 744 5596 / +233 28 910 2163 / +233 24 461 0970

Tie-dye tablecloth | © Selena N.B.H. / Flickr

Screen Printing

Along with offering drawing and weaving classes, screen printing is also on offer at the multi-faceted Nubuke foundation.

Contact Nubuke at +233 27 744 5596 / +233 28 910 2163 / +233 24 461 0970

African screen print | © MRTdesigns / Flickr

Ghanaian cuisine

Take a journey through Ghanaian cuisine and become an expert yourself with a visit to Esi’s kitchen in Cape Coast run by the multi-faceted group at Global Mammas.

Call Global Mammas at +233 54 432 3833 or email