7 Unique Date Ideas to Try in Kumasi

That feeling as if you are the only two people on Earth
That feeling as if you are the only two people on Earth | © Gauthier Delecroix / Flickr
Monumental structures and ceremonies, colourfully vibrant market scenes, textile hubs, breathtaking parks, and an exciting nightlife, Kumasi is a city that offers amazing culture. For new lovers as well as those who have been together for a while, reconnecting in some spectacular spaces in Ashanti region’s capital can definitely help keep your bond solid. Here we help set the scene for some great date ideas in Ghana’s northern city of Kumasi.

Dress to fit in at Akwasidae

Of course, just as Accra is great location for inspiring date ideas, Akwasidae is all the inspiration you will need in Kumasi. Held every six weeks at the Ashanti royal Manhyia palace, the festival celebrates royalty and commemorates the golden stool. In the midst of ecstatic fontomfrom, kete and mpintsin drummers, dancers, horn blowers and singers performing in honour of ancestral spirits, this unique setting will absolutely make your date a memorable one. Observe the palanquin processions and learn traditional folks songs together. You can also choose to dress in kente to fit in.

Relax at The Green Ranch

A visit to the The Green Ranch will spice up your date as much as the delicious dishes on its menu. The magnificent view over Lake Bosomtwi definitely sets the mood. Sharing a ride on horseback along the water’s edge will surely set the tone and the warm Kumasi sun will leave you relaxed, refreshed and at peace.

Visit Manhyia Palace Museum

Building, Museum
Manhyia Palace Museum, Kumasi, Ghana | Manhyia Palace Museum, Kumasi, Ghana
Delve into the Ashanti Kingdom’s history in this airy museum that Otumfo Opoku Ware II opened in 1995 to mark the silver jubilee of his reign. The building itself dates back to 1925, and it was built during the colonial era as a palace for Asantehene Agyeman Prempeh I to commemorate his return to his native lands after many years of exile in the Seychelles. There is much to discover in this comprehensive space: life-sized effigies depicting past rulers, the origin story of the tribe centres, Okomfo Anokye and his famous sword site as well as gold weights for which the Ashanti people are famous.
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Skip a beat at Rattray Park

The most memorable of dates are often unexpected, creative and filled with adventure. Re-live your first kiss in a beautiful setting. The vast green landscape of Rattray Park offers enough space, diverse fun activities, and outdoor live music to make any date unforgettable. Get away from the stress and just enjoy the great outdoors with your loved one.

Share tales at Okomfo Anokye Site

It’s not the amount of money you spend that matters, but the time you’re spending together. Cook together, have a traditional lunch at a local restaurant, or visit the Okomfo Anokye site, situated right at the heart of Kumasi’s largest hospital, where Okomfo Anokye’s mysterious sword has been stuck in the ground since 1695. Learn about Anokye’s magical life in relation to Ashanti civilization and write your own Ananse tales together.

That feeling as if you are the only two people on Earth © Gauthier Delecroix / Flickr

Dance under the stars at Lake Bosomtwi

Crack open fresh coconuts and go on a boat trip on Lake Bosomtwi. Lake Bosomtwi is an extraordinary place about a 60–90 minute drive from central Kumasi and created by a meteoric impact thousands of years ago. Try biking, hiking, or just enjoy an afternoon in nature around the circular lake. Make friends in the surrounding fishing and farming villages. Who cares if you have two left feet and can’t carry a tune? Play your favourite songs to your loved one and watch the sun go down over the crater-lake.

Design your own textiles at Ntonso Adinkra Village

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Adinkra imprints | Adinkra imprints
Ntonso Village is one of the only places to pick up Ashanti-symbolic Adinkra handmade crafts and get involved in the creative process. Learn all about the method of Adinkra stamping just 22 kilometres away from Kumasi on the Mampong Road. Learn the about the meaning behind Adinkra symbols and their roots in Akan culture. Get to know about historic concepts and aphorisms, try out the dyeing process and buy a strip of this unusual symbol-laden fabric. This is the perfect opportunity to prove you remember the small details by incorporating memories of your time together as you stamp your very own personalised patterns.
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These recommendations were updated on July 2, 2018 to keep your travel plans fresh.