Top Tips to Know Before Travelling to Cairo

© Guillén Pérez / flickr
© Guillén Pérez / flickr
Photo of Sarah Marzouk
9 March 2017

From Pharaonic eras to Coptic, Islamic and even our modern times, Cairo in Egypt has always been a great city with a interesting past. To discover the secrets of the city without getting into much trouble, you’ve got to know at least some basics. Below are the top tips you need to know before visiting Cairo.

Know what you want out of the trip

How much time are you going to spend in Cairo? Is it a week? Or a month? Decide what you want to do whether it’s discovering the secrets of ancient Egypt, exploring Islamic Egypt, or maybe trying the local food. Time management in this situation is necessary. To get the best out of your trip, you need to know what you want out of it so that you don’t run out of time without getting to do the things you wanted to do most — especially if you’re not going to spend much time here.

Pharaonic Cairo | © Luigi Guarino / flickr
Islamic Cairo | © Joonas Plaan / flickr

Get a tour guide

If this is your first time in Cairo or you don’t know much about the area, then it’s better for you to get yourself a tour guide. You can also use Showaround, a website that provides you with contact with locals who can help you move around the city and visit the best places. This will save you much time and effort.

Know what to wear

Egypt is one of the countries with certain traditions and beliefs. For ladies, wearing revealing clothes isn’t recommended unless you’re going to a fancy place, bar or nightclub. Also, to explore the city, you’ll probably end up walking a lot, which requires comfy clothes and shoes. This is especially the case in desert and sand-like terrains such as near the Pyramids of Giza. In the end, it all depends on where you’re going, so make sure you ask your tour guide or learn more about the place you’re visiting in order to be on the safe side when it comes to appropriate attire.

Pyramids of Giza | © jay8085 / flickr

Know the different means to get around the city

Getting around the big city isn’t too big of a deal — you just need to know what transport to use, which depends on your budget and where you’re going. With the large networks of roads and the variety of public transportation means including metro, buses, and the Nile bus as well as private transport options such as Uber, Careem and Nile Taxi, you’re safe.

Try the local food

This has to be an important part of your visit that you shouldn’t miss for the world. While discovering the mysteries of the Egyptian civilization, you must as well do the same with the Egyptian cuisine. From street food including foul, kebda (liver) and kushari to traditional food including feteer (pie) and mulukheya, the options on the long list of things you must try are endless.

Kushari | © Dina Said / WikiCommons
Egyptian Mulukheya | © Habib M'henni / WikiCommons

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