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The Egyptian Filmmakers Who Made Some Noise In 2016
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The Egyptian Filmmakers Who Made Some Noise In 2016

Picture of Sarah Marzouk
Updated: 26 January 2017
Egypt’s fascinating history is matched by its flourishing film industry. It is a pioneer in Arabian film making and some have even called the Egyptian film industry the Hollywood of the Arabian world. Although 2016 wasn’t as rich as expected with major movies, there are still some great films that made a splash in the Egyptian cinema. Here we get to know their brilliant makers.
The Last Days of the City
The Last Days of the City – Zero Production, Sunny Land Film, Mengamuk Films, Autonomous

Tamer Said – The Last Days of the City

A film about the dreams of Cairo, the loss of an apartment, the loss of a lover who left the country, and a memory of how Cairo was more beautiful in the past. Khalid Abdalla plays the role of an Egyptian independent film maker who is trying to create a documentary but can’t decide where to take it. The movie is director Tamer Said’s first fiction feature, and is one of the important movies in his career. The movie won many awards including the Caligari Film Award in Berlin International Film Festival, and best director award in Buenos Aires International Festival of Independent Cinema.

A Present from the Past
A Present from the Past – Academy of Arts Higher Institute of Cinema

Kawthar Younis – A Present from the Past

Kawthar Younis, Egyptian filmmaker, gives her father on his 75th birthday two tickets to Rome where he could go and search for his lost love (Patricia) after leaving her thirty years ago. This documentary is Kawthar’s graduation project from the High Cinema Institute and it’s her first feature length movie. She participated previously in writing “Brooks, Meadows and Lovely Faces” with Yousry Nasralla, a famous Egyptian film director. This film was such a great success that it continued to be displayed for 5 weeks at Zawya cinema.

Clash – Sampek Productions, Acamedia Pictures, NiKo Film, Fortress Film Clinic, Pyramide International, ARTE France Cinéma, Film-Clinic

Mohamed Diab – Eshtebak (Clash)

Mohamed Diab is an award-winning writer and film director whose works are mainly about issues that concern Egyptian society. This film tackles the struggles on the streets after the Egyptian revolution, and draws a picture of what happens to protesters of different political and social backgrounds. Clash was nominated for many awards including best film in London Film Festival 2016, and featured high profile stars including Nelly Karim, Hany Adel, and Ahmed Malek.

Nawara – Red Star for Film Production and Distribution

Hala Khalil – Nawara

Hala Kahlil is an Egyptian producer, screenwriter and film director who has received awards from Rotterdam Arab Camers Festival, Rabat Film Festival, and the Arab Film Festival. Khalil’s movie, Nawara, is about a poor maid who works at a villa in one of the most luxurious compounds in Cairo, and the incidents that follows the Egyptian revolution. Nawara carries both the concerns and dreams of her people. The film highlights the line between poverty and wealth, the isolated extravagant neighbourhoods and the dreams of the poorer ones. Starring Menna Shalaby, a well-known Egyptian actress, Nawara won the best actress award and was nominated for best fiction feature award at Dubai International Film Festival.

Withered Green
Withered Green – Film Clinic, Eleven Productions

Mohamed Hammad – Withered Green

This is a film about two sisters living together without a male guardian, in a society that cares so much about traditions. Iman tries to convince one of her uncles to attend her sister’s engagement party in her dead father’s place, as is the tradition in Egyptian society, when something shocking happens that pushes her to abandon all these long held traditions. The movie compellingly draws a picture of a girl’s struggles living in a patriarchal society. Mohamed Hammad, an Egyptian film director and writer, has written and directed a few short movies and a short documentary. Withered Green, which is Hammad’s first feature film won best director award at Dubai Film Festival and was nominated for others.