12 Top Things to See and Do in Egypt

Photo of Gehad Medhat
16 June 2017

Egypt has amassed approximately 7000 years of history and civilization; but beside its breathtaking Pharaonic and other ancient attractions, Egypt also currently possesses unique cultures, traditions, food, people and, exciting activities. For those planning to visit Egypt, here are some of the top things to see and do while there.

Start with an Authentic Breakfast

An essential part of experiencing the Egyptian culture is the food, especially breakfast. An authentic Egyptian breakfast can’t be complete without the famous foul medames (cooked fava beans), tameya (patties made of ground fava beans), fried or boiled eggs, fresh fries, cheese with tomato and green pepper, and the traditional baladi bread. With its exceptional variety, people don’t only enjoy the mouthwatering taste, but they also feel full and energetic for most of the day.

Foul Medames | © goblinbox_(queen_of_ad_hoc_bento)/Flickr

Ride a Camel

Most people visualize the Pyramids when they think about Egypt. Well, as cool as this sounds, riding camels is even cooler and more exciting. So, make sure to take a ride while visiting.

camel bosa | © tony puyol/Flickr

Take a Walk in Khan el-Khalili

As one of the most traditional bazaars in Cairo, Khan el-Khalili is a unique attraction for both tourists and Egyptians. There, shoppers can buy all the souvenirs they want and have lasting memories of their trip. Even just walking around Khan el-Khalili’s narrow alleys and watching the Egyptians vendors provides an exceptional break that gives glimpses into Egyptian culture and its traditions.

Khan al-Khalili Bazaar, Egypt | © S J Pinkney/Flickr

Eat Kushari

Just like breakfast, Egyptian lunch offers a wide range of varieties of authentic meals. However, one of the most traditional meals to try when visiting Egypt is Kushari. Kushari or Koshari consists of rice, macaroni, lentils, and tomato sauce with garlic vinegar poured on it and then topped with chickpeas and fried onions.

Egyptian food Koshary | © Dina Said/Wikimedia Commons

Go Sandboarding

To all the adventurous people out there, go sandboarding in Egypt’s various sand dunes across its widespread deserts. At 140 meters (459.3 feet) high, enjoy what is considered to be the best dune surfing in the world at the Great Sand Sea near Siwa Oasis.

Sand dune near ‘Areg, Siwa depression, Egypt | © Roland Unger/Wikimedia Commons

Cruise the Nile

“Masr Hebat Al Nile” is a famous phrase people ususally say when the Nile is mentioned. It means that Egypt is gifted by the Nile, as its ancient civilization, agriculture, and life was built and prospered because of the Nile. Whether visiting Cairo or Aswan on a boat, a cruise, or a falouka for an hour or a whole day, don’t leave Egypt without cruising the Nile.

more | © camilo g. r./Flickr

Discover Islamic Cairo

Cairo is the city of the thousand minarets, a nickname that reflects the many mosques located in its different neighborhoods. These mosques were built in Cairo during different eras that represent the reign of different kingdoms. Although the mosques are Islamic buildings, each has its unique architectural beauty that attracts visitors from all over the world.

Mohamed Ali Mosque | © Yasser Nazmi/Wikimedia Commons

Drink Asab El Sokar

Asab Al Sokar, Arabic for sugarcane, is one of the most common juices in Egypt because it is light and thirst-quenching, making it perfect for the hot and sweaty months of summer.

sugarcane | © FRED/Flickr

Tour Egypt’s Pharaonic Sites

Luxor and Aswan host the most amount of Pharaonic sites in Egypt. Nevertheless, Egypt is full of different temples, statues, and Pharaonic sites for tourists to enjoy.

karnak-IMG_1038.JPG | © Michael Tyler/Flickr

Dive in Egypt’s Red Sea

Locations such as Marsa Alam, Hurghada, Sharm Al Sheikh, and Dahab offer many great diving sites where visitors can discover the hidden beauty of the Red Sea and its rich ecosystem.

The Three Corners Fayrouz Plaza Beach Resort Marsa Alam | © Mathias Apitz (München)/Flickr

Visit El Fayoum

El Fayoum is one of the country’s oldest cities. It offers a wide range of interesting activities both for tourists and Egyptians including surfing the sand dunes, enjoying the Wadi El Rayan’s waterfalls, camping in Wadi El Hetan (Whales Valley), hiking Modawara Mountain, or visiting Tunis and Youssef El Sadik villages.

A safe haven in the middle of the desert | © Yash Shah/Wikimedia Commons

Hike Mount Sinai

At a height of 2,285 meters (7,497 ft.), climbers can enjoy a breathtaking 360 degree view of Mount Sinai or enjoy the sunrise or the sunset from its summit. Beside the view from the top, hiking Mount Sinai is a true pleasure and a great adventure.

View from Mount Sinai | © Mohammed Moussa/Wikimedia Commons

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