The Top 10 Restaurants in Brazzaville, Republic of Congo

Enjoy delicious dishes in Brazzaville
Enjoy delicious dishes in Brazzaville | © Radisson Blu Brazzaville
Photo of Victoire Douniama
21 June 2018

The Republic of Congo’s capital Brazzaville, also known as ‘Brazza la belle’, is the busiest city in Congo. Filled with high-end restaurants serving spectacular dishes, street food cafes, and luxurious dining venues, it has a fantastic array of venues to suit any need. Here’s our pick of the best spots in town.

Restaurant Noura

Restaurant, Dessert, $$$
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Located in the heart of the city of Brazzaville, Restaurant Noura is the perfect place for an early morning breakfast or a quick afternoon snack. This restaurant offers basic snacks such as hamburgers, French fries, and salads, or you can opt to satisfy your sweet tooth by grabbing one of the pastries on the menu such as pain au chocolat, croissant, or even a nice refreshing glass of ice cream with a sprinkle of chocolate chips.

Hotel Pefaco

Hotel Restaurant, African, $$$
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Hotel Pefaco | © Sorom Color

Located within the elegant Hotel Pefaco right across from Maya Maya airport, this restaurant is great for breakfast, lunch or dinner. The menu offers a mixture of dishes of many countries, from Italian cuisine to French or Congolese cuisine – the choice is yours to make. The prices are affordable, and the indoor setting is very cozy, elegant and styled in an urban décor.

Pizzeria au Boulot

Restaurant, Italian, $$$
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au boulou
Pizzeria au Boulot | Victoire Douniama / © Culture Trip

This restaurant not only offers the best Italian cuisine and delicious pizza, but it also boasts a spacious environment, friendly staff, and a number of vegan-friendly options on the menu. The restaurant is well known for its delicious crispy pizzas, from pepperoni to mushroom or margarita – the meals on the menu here are sure to leave any customers satisfied.

Malewa restaurants

Food Kiosk, African, $$$
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Malewa restaurant | Victoire Douniama / © Culture Trip

If you are in Brazzaville and would like to try an authentic restaurant experience, grab a bite at one of Brazzaville’s local restaurants known as ‘malewa‘. Set outdoors where customers can grab a quick bite on the go, these restaurants offer mostly sandwiches or grills – some even offer local meals such as rice and pondu with grilled chicken and pepper. Malewa restaurants are pretty much scattered all over Brazzaville and are very affordable, with friendly staff and delicious meals.

Hasan Burger

Restaurant, African, $$$
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Brazzaville is filled with diverse cultures and people from foreign countries. The city is also filled with many Lebanese-owned restaurants, and Hasan Burger just happens to be one of those restaurants that offers a mixture of Congolese and Lebanese cuisine. The prices on the menu are also very affordable, making it a perfect place to grab a quick bite. The menu offers burgers, salads and spicy grills. Great for a snack on the go.

La Bristol de Brazzaville

Restaurant, European, African, $$$
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la bristol
La Bristol de Brazza restaurant | Victoire Douniama / © Culture Trip

This place is a spacious and elegant, well-lit French-style restaurant perfect for diners seeking a delicious meal. Whether you’re after an afternoon hotdog snack or a margarita pizza, or you fancy a more substantial meal such as spicy pork chops with French fries, this restaurant offers a variety of delicious meals. The restaurant also makes the best local juice known as ‘bissap‘, which is a healthy and delicious drink any local would recommend.

La Mandarine

Bakery, European, $$$
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la mandarine
La Mandarine | © La Mandarine Brazzaville

La Mandarine is located within the city center of Brazzaville. This Lebanese owned restaurant is a French-style venue which combines French dishes with traditional Lebanese delicacies for a delicious and diverse dining experience. The restaurant is a great place for an early morning breakfast. With tasty French pastries on the menu such as croissants and pain au chocolat, or Lebanese-inspired sandwiches for lunch such as shawarma, there is a wide selection of tasty meals on the menu.

Mami Wata

Restaurant, African, $$$
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mami wata
Mami Wata restaurant | © Mami Wata

Mami Wata, which means ‘mermaid’ in Lingala – a local Congolese language – is the name of one of Brazzaville’s upscale African-style restaurant located at La Corniche right next to the Congo river. The indoor seating offers a cozy and well-lit setting in which customers can enjoy great food, and gives a fantastic view of the neighboring country the Democratic Republic of Congo. This restaurant remains top ranked on most people’s list, with a delightful menu offering s a variety of tasty local meals such as pondu, grilled fish, fried plantains and more.

Brazza Burger

Restaurant, African
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The interior of Brazza Burger
The interior of Brazza Burger | © Brazza Burger

Although this restaurant has only been recently opened, it is definitely making its mark among the best restaurants in Brazzaville. With a hint of bold African-inspired decor, this venue is an elegant space in which to enjoy some extremely tasty fast food. The menu offers a diverse selection of dishes, from French-inspired delicacies to amazing cocktail options, alongside top-quality decor and friendly staff.

Le Feu des Saveurs

Hotel Restaurant, African, $$$
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Some of the delicious dishes on offer at Le Feu des Saveurs restaurant | © Radisson Blu Brazzaville

Set in the most luxurious Radisson Blu hotel, Le Feu des Saveurs brings flavor and taste to the African dining experience. Diners can savor a majestic view of the Congo river while enjoying traditional grilled dishes with a local touch. There is a variety of meals to choose from, including mouthwatering T-bone steak with pepper sauce and piri piri potato wedges, grilled capitaine fish with plantain chips, and sausages with mashed sweet potatoes and spinach. The venue is set outdoors within the luxurious Radisson Blu hotel garden.