The Global Anthology: Cabinda – Czech Republic

Image © Amanda Suarez
Image © Amanda Suarez
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Updated: 1 September 2017
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Stories from our Global Anthology: Cabinda – Cabo Verde – Cambodia – Cameroon – Canada – Catalonia – Central African Republic – Chad – Chechnya – Chile – China – Colombia – Comoros – Democratic Republic of the Congo – Republic of the Congo – Costa Rica – Cote d’Ivoire – Croatia – Cuba – Cyprus – Czech Republic

Virginie Mouanda Kibinde | from Beneath the Black Sun of Cabinda
Translated by Vanessa Everson | Published by Sun Press

Germano Almeida | The Best Seller
Translated by Daniel Hahn | Originally published in Words Without Borders

Kham Pun Kimny | Crazy for Wandering
Translated by Siti Keo | Originally published on Words Without Borders

Nkiacha Atemnkeng | Wahala Lizard
Originally published in Lusaka Punk: The Caine Prize Anthology 2015

Camilla Grudova | Agata’s Machine
First published in The White Review | Published in the collection The Doll’s Alphabet
Read our interview with Camilla Grudova here

Borja Bagunyà | You’ve Likely Never Been to a Party this Big
Translated by Scott Shanahan | Originally published in Words Without Borders

Cyriaque Robert Yavoucko | from Dusk and Defiance
Translated by Simon Leser | Excerpted on Culture Trip courtesy of L’Harmattan Editions

Koulsy Lamko | On the Fourth Day
Translated by Alexis Pernsteiner | Originally published on Words Without Borders

Zalpa Bersanova | from The Price of Happiness
Translated by Arch Tait | Published on Culture Trip courtesy of Index on Censorship

Álvaro Bisama | from Dead Stars | Translated by Megan McDowell
Excerpted on Body Literature courtesy of Ox and Pigeon

Gei Fe | from The Invisibility Cloak | Translated by Canaan Morse
Excerpted on Culture Trip courtesy of New York Review Books

Juan Gabriel Vásquez | from The Sound of Things Falling
Translated by Anne McLean | Excerpted on NPR courtesy of Riverhead Books

Mohamed Toihiri | from The Kaffir of the Karthala
Translated by Anis Memon | Excerpted on Culture Trip courtesy of the translator

Fiston Mwanza Mujila | from Tram 83
Translated by Roland Glasser | Excerpted on the Guardian courtesy of Deep Vellum

Alain Mabanckou | Chez Janette
Translated by Helen Stevenson | Originally published on the Guardian

Luis Chaves | Out of Water
Translated by Julia Guez and Samantha Zighelboim | Excerpted courtesy of Public Pool
Read our interview with Luis Chaves and his translators here

Edwige-Renée Dro | Solitaire
Originally published by Ankara Press

Ivana Rogar | Newcomers
Originally published on Guernica

Leonardo Padura | from Heretics | Translated by Anna Kushner
Excerpted on Culture Trip courtesy of Farrar, Straus and Giroux

Emilios Solomou | from The Diary of an Infidelity
Translated by Irene Noel-Baker | Excerpted for the European Union Prize for Literature

Tomáš Zmeškal | from Love Letter in Cuneiform
Translated by Alex Zucker
Excerpted on Culture Trip courtesy of Margellos Republic of Letters

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