Top Group Travel Adventures for Young Adults

Kick back with new friends on these unforgettable under-30 travel adventures with TRIPS by Culture Trip.
Nick Dauk
14 Mar 2022
You’re only young once and those passport pages aren’t going to stamp themselves. It’s time you venture out of your comfort zone and book a long-haul flight to the adventure of a lifetime. Don’t feel like going it alone? Unite with like-minded buddies by joining these travel groups for young adults. Trek through Jordan. Go on a safari in South Africa. Venture into the DMZ on the South Korean border and send your folks a photo they’ll never believe. Do it all while you’re young with these amazing under-30 travel experiences from TRIPS by Culture Trip.
1 . Camp with a Bedouin family in Jordan

Remember the sleepovers of your childhood? Of staying up all night, chatting the hours away? Rekindle that fond feeling during this nine-day Jordanian journey. You’ll join a small travel group for young adults on hikes through the Wadi Ghurab sandstone mountains and camp under the stars with a local Bedouin family. Spend the morning sipping Arabic coffee that you’ve made yourself – and if you fancy a splash of cream in your cup, your hosts will show you how to milk their camel.

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2 . Traverse cities, mountains and the DMZ in South Korea

Imagine your parent’s faces when you show them photos from the Demilitarized Zone, a mere 558ft (170m) from the North Korean border. What’s a shocking adventure to them is merely a safe stop on this 10-day trip for young adults through South Korea. You’ll venture from the boozy karaoke bars of Seoul to the bike-friendly roads of Gyeongju. You’ll feast your eyes on the Bulguksa Temple, gorge on bibimbap and return home to show your family and friends the kindness filling South Korea’s borders.

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4 . Escape to Iceland’s frozen wilderness

Prepare to spend five days open-mouthed as you discover Iceland’s incomparable natural wonders on this small-group trip for young adults. On departing Reykjavik, you’ll discover the waterfalls and mountains that inspired The Lord of the Rings, zoom across a glacier on a snowmobile, sink your feet into black volcanic beaches and soak in natural hot springs. Keep your fingers crossed for a glimpse of the Northern Lights, too, something you’ll always remember experiencing with your travel group for young adults.

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Lorna Turnbull and Siobhan Grogan contributed to this article.