Top 10 Travel Destinations For Thrill Seekers

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11 November 2016

For adrenaline junkies, the average trip might not cut it. You need somewhere in which you you can really let loose, try something wild and have a real adventure. Here are ten travel destinations you should check out if you need a vacation that keeps up with you.

Antarctica | © Unsplash/Pixabay


It’s the ultimate remote location to get to if you’re willing to brave the freezing temperatures, winds and stormy seas. It’s pretty hard to get to, but it’s doable if you’re determined. It’s the adventure of a lifetime that not many people get to experience, and there’s no way to truly experience it without actually going. The best way to experience Antarctica is in Zodiac boats, so find a cruise that offers Zodiac expeditions so you can zip around the continent.

South Africa | © DEZALB/Pixabay

South Africa

There are numerous things to do in South Africa. Most notably, you can cage dive with sharks. If sharks aren’t your thing, crocodile cage diving is also available. Getting up close and personal with some of the world’s most dangerous animals is sure to get your blood pumping. South Africa also offers activities like elephant safaris and ostrich rides — if you’re brave enough to do them.

Alaska | © chefkeem/Pixabay


For the water lovers, Alaska has some of the best whitewater rafting in the world. There are great class five and six rapids, as well as rugged terrain that’s easiest to see by raft. Alaska is also a prime location for heli-skiing, and the mountains provide great opportunities for hiking and mountaineering.

The Philippines | © iricoyh/Pixabay


For a great adventure, visit the island of Busuanga in the Philippines. The waters surrounding the island are filled with WWII shipwrecks that attract divers from all over the world. It’s a unique diving experience that you won’t be able to get anywhere else.

Berchtesgaden Alps, Germany | © Simon/Pixabay


If you have the need for speed, Germany is right where you want to be. It’s home to the Autobahn, the fastest road in the world. Over half of it doesn’t even have a speed limit, making it a dream for those with a muscle car and the desire to cruise.

If you’re looking for heights and awesome views, Germany also has the Berchtesgaden Alps, a fantastic mountain range filled with summits for you to climb.

Canada | © jennyzhh2008/Pixabay


Frontiers North has a ton of adventures that you can go on in this vast country. Swim with beluga whales, go on a polar bear excursion or explore the Northwest Passage. There are packages that combine some of your favorites, or you can focus on just one and save the rest for later.

Dubai | © angusfrasermktg/Pixabay

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai has become a popular travel destination for thrill seekers, particularly for their skydiving, where you get a view that’s beyond amazing. There is also a hot spot for safaris, plus off-road motorcycling, in their desert terrain.

Las Vegas | © PatternPictures/Pixabay

Las Vegas

Vegas isn’t just for the gamblers. It’s filled with unique thrills that’ll get your heart pumping. Whether you’re getting behind the wheel at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, hitting up the thrill rides on Stratosphere tower, or doing the SkyJump off the top of it, you’re sure to find something to suit every type of thrill seeker.

Sydney, Australia | © pattyjansen/Pixabay


Australia offers every extreme sport you can imagine. Cave diving? Yep. Bungee jumping? You bet. They also have zip-lining courses throughout their lush rainforest, and you can abseil down their massive cliffs. If that’s all a little too much for you, you can always explore the rugged Outback or visit the multiple theme parks on the Gold Coast.

New Zealand | © cowins/Pixabay

New Zealand

When you visit Australia, maybe swing down and give New Zealand a try. With as many, or maybe even more activities than nearby Australia, New Zealand is a no-brainer if you’re looking for an adventure. Indeed, there’s an entire adventure park devoted to adrenaline junkies like yourself. Aside from that, there’s Zorbing, where you get into what looks like an inflatable hamster ball, along with a 43-meter bungee jump and the Shotover Canyon Swing.

Now that your palms are already sweaty and your heart is already pounding with anticipation, book a trip to one of these destinations so you can really get your adrenaline fix going!

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