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Beyonce is trying to improve access to clean water for Africans
Beyonce is trying to improve access to clean water for Africans | © Shutterstock
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Here's How Beyoncé is Helping African Women and Girls Get Access to Clean Water

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Updated: 23 March 2018
Beyoncé has teamed up with Gucci and Chime For Change to help build wells in the African nation of Burundi.

The singer launched her BEYGOOD4BURUNDI initiative last summer, in partnership with UNICEF, which was committed to improving water, sanitation, and basic hygiene in hard to reach areas of the country.

To mark World Water Day today, she posted an update on her website about the ongoing project revealing that the fashion brand was donating $1 million (£709,000) to help build an additional 80 wells to those originally planned.

This will provide 120,000 ‘women, girls, and their families’ with access to clean water.

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So far, 35 wells have been built.

The extra wells mean girls will be able to go to school rather than walking for hours to collect water for their families.

The campaign is aiming to help 366,000 women and children by 2020.

To donate to the BEYGOODFORBURUNDI campaign click here.

Beyoncé recently announced she will be hitting the road with her husband Jay-Z for a joint world tour.

On The Run II will visit 15 cities across the UK and Europe before heading to 21 locations in North America.