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© TDA Global Cycling
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Celebrate the Bicycle's 200th Anniversary With This Challenge

Picture of Michael LoRé
Sports Editor
Updated: 21 June 2017
In honor of the 200-year anniversary of the bicycle, TDA Global Cycling has rolled out the #200for200 campaign in an effort to raise $200,000 and donate 1,000 new bicycles to people in Africa.

The campaign, which runs June 12-Sept. 12, is an effort to help provide personal transportation, so students can attend schools, patients and medicines can go to healthcare facilities and more. The initiative began on June 12, paying homage to German Karl Drais’ first ride on his pedal-less, two-wheeled Draisine in 1817.

Participation is simple. A challenge is completed with a cyclist or team of cyclists has ridden 200km (124 mi.), raised $200 and challenged at least two friends on social media by tagging @tdacycling and using the #200for200 hashtag.

© TDA Global Cycling
© TDA Global Cycling

TDA Global Cycling was founded in 2002 by Henry Gold, who envisioned providing inexpensive, rugged mountain bikes as a solution to local transportation needs in Ethiopia and other countries. Funds for the bicycles were to be obtained through a race and the first Tour d’Afrique was held in 2003. The TDA Foundation was then set up as a means to give back to the community and raise awareness of bicycles as an alternative, environmentally friendly mode of transportation.

Since its founding, TDA Global Cycling has donated more than 2,300 bicycles across Africa and in India.