Egypt, Middle East

Egypt, Middle East


Enigmatic, evocative Egypt. There’s surely nowhere else that captures the imagination like this scorching corner of North Africa. There’s the capital, Cairo, with smoky, labyrinth-like bazaars, the Pyramids of Giza rising from the desert, and the fertile Nile – a watery highway to other treasures and adventures.

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To make the most of this fascinating country, it pays to have experience at hand – and when you travel with Culture Trip, that’s exactly what you’ll get. Our small-group Trips are led by expert Local Insiders, who know the destination like the back of their hand, and will go beyond just the postcard sights to give you an authentic taste of the destination.

In Cairo, that means taking you to an old book-binding store, where you can pick up a traditionally hand-bound notebook to document your adventures. Or taking a traditional lunch of koshari and ful medames (crushed fava beans cooked with cumin, lemon, garlic and herbs) at the Giza pyramids.

Board a sleeper train and follow the moonlit Nile south, waking up with the sunrise in Luxor to explore amazingly preserved temples. Visit the Valley of the Kings, where the tomb of Tutankhamun was discovered, before continuing to follow the river upstream – this time onboard an overnight cruise – to Kom Ombo and Aswan, where the desert sunset is accompanied by cocktails aboard a traditional felucca sailboat.

There’s no doubt that experiencing Egypt with the intimacy of a small-group trip, led by a Local Insider who knows its secrets, is the best way. So, for a pyramid scheme you can actually believe in, book an Egypt Trip with us.