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The Culture Trip thrives on content developed and published by contributors from all corners of the world, and by our local hubs in cities from San Francisco to London to Shanghai. If you’re interested in publishing your work with us or exploring your city, we would love to hear from you! Many of our writers become regular contributors and enjoy long-lasting relationships with the platform. To get involved, simply get in touch with your local hub (contact details below) or, if we haven’t reached your city yet, the global section on articles@theculturetrip.com. We welcome submissions and enquiries from all writers, from absolute beginners to professionals keen to explore a new platform!

The Culture Trip covers all culture, for every country in the world. From art, literature, film and music to travel, food, architecture, photography, dance, theatre and design, our mission is to develop a collaborative platform where cultural knowledge is created, read and shared.

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Style: The style and tone of your article should be engaging and informative, but please avoid spoken language. Feel free to use some local parlance and expressions.

Length: Anywhere between 800 and 1500 words, depending on the type of article you’re writing.

Images & Video: Images with copyright permission or Creative Commons licenses (please include their original URLs) are very welcome. Video clips, YouTube or Vimeo, will also make your articles more engaging.

Focus: We encourage you to contribute on any cultural subject, from theater to film, from contemporary art to classic design, and from literature to food and travel. We accept features, interviews and listicles, as well as visual pieces of all kinds. Importantly, we aim for our articles to hold certain longevity. Articles about current and temporary events should therefore be written in a way that prolongs their relevance, focusing more on the history and cultural significance of the event than on thorough details of event specifics. For example, an article about an exhibition should focus on the background and work of the artist, and not just analyse the curation of the showing.

Why you should write for us: A truly global platform attracting over 2 million UVs every month, The Culture Trip can help you build an impressive online portfolio with writing on any cultural topic. If you submit more than 3 articles, we will profile you in our Regular Contributors section. We’re passionate about social media, and may share your article with our audiences on Facebook (270,000 fans), Twitter (70,000 followers), Instagram (30,000), Pinterest (25,000) and other social media platforms, with an audience exceeding 600,000 people globally. We also have a newsletter which reaches 100,000 recipients each week. Hub writers, moreover, enjoy special privileges such as press passes to local events, further editorial opportunities and invitations to Culture Trip-run courses and meet-ups.

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Contributors Terms & Conditions

Please note: We take plagiarism very seriously. All direct quotes need to be contained within single quotation marks and if possible please include a link to where the quote is from.

For further guidance on tone and style please refer to the articles published on The Culture Trip. All contributions are subject to oversight by The Culture Trip’s Directors of Culture and editors.