The Ten Best Places to Stay in Fiji

With more than 300 volcanic islands making up its archipelago, Fiji has a great many beaches to its name, many of them scarcely touched by modernity. However it is not just snorkelling and swimming that makes up a trip to Fiji, with opportunities also available to explore its unique tropical ecosystem and its vibrant local culture. Here, we choose ten of the best places to stay in Fiji, from high end luxury resorts to local bed-and-breakfasts.

Coconut Grove Beachfront Cottages

With just three standalone bures beside one restaurant, Coconut Grove is a tiny resort located on Taveuni, Fiji’s third-largest island. Each hut is in a private, secluded spot surrounded by tropical foliage and is only a minute’s walk - or less - to the resort’s beach, with staff around to guide travellers snorkelling or on nature walks. Close to local villages and with a renowned restaurant serving fresh fish and seafood, Coconut Grove is a good option for those wanting to get away from the busier resorts and get a little closer to Fijian culture.

Matei, Taveuni Island, Fiji, +679 888 0328

Turtle Island Resort

Turtle Island – also known as Nanuya Levu – is located in the Yasawa Islands, a volcanic archipelago northwest of Viti Levu, Fiji’s main island. The island is privately owned by the luxury Turtle Island Resort, which - along with its stipulation that only couples and solo travellers can stay - ensures total seclusion and peace. Meals are made from produce from the resort’s garden and served communally at a long table or privately on the beach beside the Blue Lagoon.

Turtle Island, Yasawa Islands, Fiji, 1800 255 4347

Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort

Located near the town of Savusavu on the south coast of Vanua Levu, Fiji’s second-largest island, the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort is a family-oriented resort with a focus on preserving Fiji’s environment. Alongside more conventional resort activities like scuba diving and kayaking, both children and adults can learn about the tropical environment and its ecosystems, with lectures from an on-staff marine biologist and walks through mangroves and rainforests. Book with TripAdvisor.

Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort, Vanua Levu, Fiji, 1 800 246 3454

Levuka Homestay

Levuka is the largest town on the island of Ovalau in the Lomaiviti Archipelago. Founded by European settlers in the early nineteenth century, it was Fiji’s first modern town and it briefly served as its capital after its annexation by the British. The town retains much of its historic colonial architecture, while the interior of the island is largely unspoiled, with tours provided to traditional Fijian villages. The best option for accommodation on the island is Levuka Homestay, a small family-run bed and breakfast with three self-contained units on a hill overlooking the town, with breakfast served each morning on the veranda.

PO Box 50, Levuka, Ovalau, Fiji Islands, +679 344 0777

Shangri-La Fijan Resort

Shangri-La’s Fijian Resort occupies the whole of Yanuca Island, a small island just off the southern coast of Viti Levu, near Sigatoka, and connected to the larger island by a causeway. It is the largest hotel in Fiji, with 442 rooms in three blocks linked by walkways and separate standalone bures. Every room offers views out over the ocean or the island’s lagoon. The luxury five-star resort features a huge range of facilities, from a spa to a golf course, and many restaurants. Book with TripAdvisor.

Yanuca Island Cuvu, Sigatoka, Fiji, +679 652 0155

Dolphin Island

Located thirty minutes off the shore of Viti Levu, Dolphin Island is a private, intimate boutique hotel with a number of immaculately designed and traditionally thatched bures. The resort consists of a main bure for entertaining, four guest suites, and an open air hilltop ‘sleep-out’ bure at the very top of the resort’s private island. Any guest booking is for the entire resort - meaning that one party (of a maximum of eight people) will have exclusive use of the island, its facilities and its staff for the entirety of their stay.

Dolphin Island, Viti Levu, Fiji, +647 378 5791

Taveuni Palms

Taveuni Palms consists of three private villas set on a hill on the northern tip of the island of Taveuni, overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Each modern, slickly-designed villa is secluded from the others on its own plot of beachfront land, with a private pool and a full complement of staff to provide service and meals. Taveuni itself is one of the world’s best sites for scuba diving and snorkelling, and its outstanding natural beauty lends itself well to hikes inland.

P.O. Box 51, Matei, Taveuni, Fiji Islands, +679 888 0032

Octopus Resort

Another resort in the Yasawa Islands, the Octopus Resort is based on the mile-long beach of Likuliku Bay on Waya Island. It caters to a wide variety of guests, from families and honeymooning couples to backpackers, with a variety of accommodation options to match: dormitories provide the opportunity for those on a budget to experience some of the best beaches and snorkelling in Fiji, while private bungalows and bures are available for those wanting more luxury and seclusion. Book with TripAdvisor.

LikuLiku Bay, Waya Island, Yasawa Islands, Fiji Islands, +643 4429998

Matangi Private Island Resort

Matangi Island, a small private island about twenty minutes’ boat ride from Taveuni, is the home of a resort surrounded by lush tropical vegetation; in fact, three of Matangi Island Resort’s standalone bures are treehouses, suspended high in the air for privacy and provide stunning sea views. Other bures are closer to the ground and the beach, and all are hand constructed using local techniques and materials.

Matangi Island, Fiji Islands, Fiji, 1 888 628 2644 / 1 800 152 599

Likuliku Lagoon Resort

Likuliku Lagoon Resort is on Malolo Island in the Mamanuca Archipelago to the west of Viti Levu. It is the only resort in Fiji to feature bungalows built out over the lagoon. These lodgings stand on stilts rising up from the water and feature glass floor panels for watching the fish beneath. The construction of the resort pays homage to traditional Fijian culture and architecture: it is designed to resemble an ancient village, but with the luxury of a modern resort.

Likuliku Lagoon Resort, Malolo Island, Fiji, +679 666 3344

By Patrick Ball

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