Triumph Hotels: Innovators Of The Hospitality Industry

Akshay Jain

In an age of trends, art has endured. Casually name-dropping artists such as Kehinde Wiley or Takashi Murakami can get a reaction from almost anyone on the street. Many would claim this is due to the commercialization of art by major corporations. While certain partnerships with artists have been somewhat problematic, other companies are associating themselves with artists to genuinely maximize the experience of their consumer. One such company is Triumph Hotels in New York City.

The Evelyn | © Courtesy of Triumph Hotels
The Evelyn | © Courtesy of Triumph Hotels

In the past few decades, the hospitality industry has undergone some pretty significant changes. The consumer expects more than just a bed to sleep in at a hotel. In order to fully innovate the guest experience, Triumph has partnered with renowned contemporary artist Kelsey Montague.

Montague is known for the public murals she creates. These murals, and all of her work, are highly interactive in nature. She wants the audience to directly come into contact with her work, and maybe even take an Instagram picture with it. Works such as her #WhatLiftsYou series of angel wing murals leave room for you to stand and be a part of the artwork. The murals are so popular, Taylor Swift was even photographed posing in front of one in New York. Exploring the intersections of social media, frame, and public art, Montague’s work attracts art lovers and casual viewers alike.

Triumph Hotels, with seven hotels located all over Manhattan, is currently renovating their Evelyn Hotel. The Evelyn, located just steps from Madison Square Park, will house its own exclusive Kelsey Montague #WhatLiftsYou mural. While many other hotels have purchased art or have a rotating collection of work hanging in their lobby, very few commission artists to paint massive scale murals in their buildings.

What Triumph is doing speaks to its commitment to both the art world and the consumer experience. Rather than commercializing art, as many companies have recently, Triumph clearly respects Montague’s work enough to want to house and share it. Rather than profiting off of Montague by printing her work on a towel or throwing her wings on a pair of shoes, Triumph wants to give its guest a real life experience with Montague’s art. By commissioning the mural, The Evelyn will provide what very few museums can: true contact with art.

The Evelyn | © Courtesy of Triumph Hotels
The Evelyn | © Courtesy of Triumph Hotels

This is not a one-time publicity stunt by the company, either. Triumph has been very vocal in its commitment to the arts and their plan for future artist commissions in their other hotels. This deserves applause, both for its efficacy in promoting art and the company’s genuine interest in bettering guest experience. In a time when most companies are focused on profit margins and increasing revenue, Triumph shines as a bright light in the otherwise disappointing hospitality industry.

On top of their significant innovations in hospitality, Triumph Hotels are world renowned for their exemplary commitment to meeting and surpassing the needs of their guests. With valet parking, complementary Wi-Fi, fitness center access, complementary NYC walking tours, family amenities through a partnership with Sparkbox Toys, and a 24-hour front desk staff, to name a few of the luxury services, travelers will feel more than pampered at any of their seven locations. Triumph combines thoughtful, contemporary ideas of guest experience with a meticulous focus on customer satisfaction. Whether you’re in town for a brief visit or an extended trip, you truly cannot go wrong staying at any of Triumph’s seven locations.

Kelsey Montague will be in residence at The Evelyn from August 2-5, 2015 constructing her piece in the lobby. The work will be a massive 11’ x 19’ and will be formally unveiled on August 5th.

By Akshay Jain