10 Inspiring International Home Décor Shops in New York City

Laura Farrell

Ethnic influence is all around New York. From food to fashion and art and music, the international city embraces every identity and nationality for its inspiration, luring in entrepreneurs from around the globe. Likewise, New Yorkers embrace the multicultural appeal and welcome it into their home, lifestyle, and being. Searching and weeding through the vast pile of designers, companies and products based out of New York, we present the ten best home décor shops with international influence in this incredible city.


The creative minds behind BoConcept blend elegance, a touch of beauty and simplistic designs to enhance sophistication and rich décor products in the home. Polishing off a line of furniture, BoConcept is adored for their modern, minimalistic and innovative take on home designs. This concept has been driving their market since 1952. The Danish company showcases furniture and accessories enlighten sophistication with a futuristic flair into any room.

BoConcept, 20 East 57th Street, Manhattan, NY, USA, +212 355 8188


Feminine and fun, Marimekko embraces playful prints and pastel colors to cozy up any room. The Finnish company caters a range of home treasures such as fabric, clothing and bags and accessories. Marimekko seizes its Finnish roots to create smart decors with bold designs to craft any room with an audacious yet simple touch.

Marimekko, 200 5th Avenue, Manhattan, NY, USA, +212 843 9121

Ligne Roset

Quirky, minimal and utterly modern, the French home designs crafted by Ligne Roset bring an edgy yet fresh atmosphere into any room. The company includes an entire line of living, dining, sleeping, working, lighting, and outdoor décor products. Ligne Roset reins as a young and bold way to style a room by designing pieces that emphasize bright standout colors while using unusual forms and geometric angles to shape the furniture. Ligne Roset utilizes innovation in order to emphasize class and sophistication.

Ligne Roset, 250 Park Ave South, Manhattan, NY, USA, +212 375 1036


Basic color palettes fused with funky geometric designs come to life with the Japanese designs curated by MuJi. The store offers a variety of lifestyle products such as bath accessories, cookware and clothes. MuJi is especially adored for the affordable prices that lure in frugal decor shoppers. MuJi is a one-stop-shop for all home decor needs that adds a twist of cool, smart, and innovation to any living space.

MuJi, 52 Cooper Square, Manhattan, NY, USA, +212 358 8693

Alessi Soho
© Alessi Soho


Starting off as a kitchen supplies shop based in Italy, Alessi has now grown into an international store offering an entire line of home furnishings. Items such as eggcups, glass sets, décor baskets and so much more compose the inventory for those who seek intriguing and elegant designs in their home. Alessi produces products for the kitchen, bar, as well as electrical appliances, tables and personal items. Styles embody quirky shapes and primitive bright colors permitting a playful ambiance to warm the home.

Alessi, 130 Greene Street, Manhattan, NY, USA, +212 941 7300

© DwellStudio


Canadian native designer Christiane Lemieux draws inspiration from a series of cultures such as India and Portugal to curate contemporary and stylish designs for the DwellStudio line. Simple and graceful pieces are available for all home decor needs, such as bed and bath, rugs and windows, accessories and furniture, as well as kids and baby items. DwellStudio mixes antique elegance with a modern twist to stylize any living space.

DwellStudio, 77 Wooster Street, Manhattan, NY, USA, +646 442 6000


Rich caramels, sophisticated mochas, basic blacks and a touch of crème is the general color palette for Aero designs, but the collection embodies rich reds or a pop of color for depth for certain selections. Aero home décor is famously known for embracing vintage style with traditional antique décor to light up a room with a royalty feel. The designs are traditional, manifesting a French and Italian influence. For 20 years, Aero has claimed Soho as its stomping grounds in New York while incorporating a ‘twin’ store Aero Design Studio in the same space.

Aero, 419 Broome Street, Manhattan, NY, USA, +212 966 1500

Global Table
© Global Table

Global Table

Candles, plates, tea sets and vases originating from around the world reach Global Table to provide New Yorkers with modern ethnic style for home. furnishing Décor items emphasize simple lines with vivid finishes, and most items are set at affordable prices. Unique cuts, playful colors and simplistic designs are the overall theme for the Global Table, enticing shoppers who seek cultural décor pieces that won’t overpower a room – or a banking account.

Global Table, 109 Sullivan Street, Manhattan, NY, USA, +212 431 5839

Courtesy of HomeStories


The HomeStories shop in Brooklyn is owned by the European interior designers Paul and Sophie Yanacopoulos-ross, accentuating contemporary and artisanal decor originating from around the globe. Furniture, lighting and home accessories that utilize natural materials, textures and tones is the general theme for the décor products.

HomeStories, 148 Montague Street,Brooklyn Heights, NY, USA, +718 855 7575

Demolition Depot

Famous for hailing an unusual selection of antique fixtures and architectural elements, the Demolition Depot based out of Harlem integrates all styles and designs into their store, offering home décor enthusiasts the opportunity to scout out rare, antique appliances that are well kept. The Demolition Depot is also known for including a wide inventory online for all categories of the home including appliances, artwork, fireplace accessories, doors, frames and beyond. The Demolition Depot is possibly the one rare opportunity where a shopper can purchase an Italian Statuary Marble over mantle, an oil painting of Chinese architecture and a bronze cross from a Bronx monastery in one place. Antique gurus and those seeking a one-of-a-kind touch for the home, the Demolition Depot has a selection that can’t be duplicated anywhere else.

Demolition Depot, 216 East 125th Street, Harlem, NY, USA, +212 860 1138

By Laura Farrell