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Cartographic Collaboration: Latin America Maps the Atlas of Empire

For the Latin American Pavilion at the 2013 Venice Biennale, which runs from 1 June – 24 November 2013, Alfons Hug and Paz Guevara will co-curate the exhibition.

El Salvador's Festival of Fire

In what most people would consider a serious breach of health and safety, residents of the town of Nejapa have an unusual yearly ritual involving palm-sized fireballs.

El Salvador Galleries and Museums

Gallery I La Pinacoteca Gallery of El Salvador

La Pinacoteca Gallery of El Salvador was born in December 2002 in El Salvador to provide a new space to engage with the work of both Salvadoran and foreign artists.

Museum I The National Exhibition Hall “Salarrué”

Located on Cuscatlán’s Park north side, The National Exhibition Hall “Salarrué” is a public space for the display of paintings, sculptures and drawing exhibits. Conferences, lectures and a range of activities also take place at this hall.

Museum I The National Museum of Anthropology

Located in San Benito, this museum houses a priceless collection of pre Columbian antiquities from the Pre-classic era (1500 BC-250 AD) and relics belonging to the colonial era and various artifacts that ties Salvadoran history and identity.

Museum I Museo de Arte de El Salvador

MARTE showcases a permanent exhibit of Salvadoran art from the mid XIX Century to contemporary times, featuring masterpieces of its own collection as well as artworks belonging to private collections and to the national heritage.

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El Salvador Tours

Eco Tours: National Park Monte Cristo

This Park is located at more than 2000 meters above sea level and borders Guatemala and Honduras. As one of the wettest areas of the country with an enviable climate that ranges from 10C°to 15°C, it is an amazing habitat for many species of birds and animals.

Tour Ruta de las Flores & Colonia Towns

Visitors are driven through a beautiful countryside for a visit to historical Salvadoran towns such as Nahuizalco and Ataco.

El Salvador Hotels

Los Almendros de San Lorenzo

Located in Suchitoto in El Salvador, this charming colonial house overlooks Suchitlán Lake. Set around a central courtyard, the rooms and apartments feature colonial-style décor. Some rooms even include fountains.

Las Flores Resort

The 4-star boutique hotel, opened in 2005, features ocean-view guest suites with modern interior design by a progressive designer Rodrigo Barraza Dominguez. The natural landscape surrounding the resort is a juxtaposition of the jungle and the sea.

Casa ILB

Casa ILB in San Salvador is a traditional Salvadoran home that has been refurbished and turned into this elegant design hotel.

El Salvador Restaurants

Lover’s Steak House

Lover’s has had a loyal local following in Santa Ana since it opened in 1992. The ambiance is convivial and welcoming, with twinkling lights adorning the spacious indoor dining area, and lanterns illuminating the courtyard.

La Fonda El Mirador

This stunning, rustic restaurant is full of Salvadoran character. Diners can feast on delicious dishes with an impressive view of Lake Suchitlán.


Chef Andres Noubleau applies the highest standards all the way from selection of seasonal, local ingredients to impeccable plating. Although this is a fine dining restaurant, it doesn’t seem to lose the local flavour or authenticity.