The Shanghai Foodie To Follow On Instagram

Carla Thomas

Shanghai is a city like few others in the world, with an internationally eclectic mix of people, cultures, and – most crucially – cuisines. From mouthwatering French pastries to mouth-numbing traditional hotpot, the most sinfully delicious dishes can be found in every street, skyscraper, and shikumen in Shanghai…if you’re willing to look. Lucky for us, one ardent foodie loves to look (and taste!) and documents it all in delectable Instagrams on her page @shanghaigirleats.

Family style dining in Shanghai

© shanghaigirleats

“I am an eater, not quite a cooker just yet so I really appreciate when someone cooks well,” says DJ, the mind behind popular Shanghai food blog/Instagram account, shanghaigirleats. Her snaps cover a variety of cuisines and locales, from fine dining to home cooked meals shared between friends.

Hokkaido sea urchin from Hakkasan

© shanghaigirleats

One recurring restaurant that pops up more than once on DJ’s blog is Bund establishment Hakkasan, world famous for its Michelin-starred Cantonese cuisine. It wouldn’t be Shanghai without an adventurous seafood dish!

Homemade hairy crabs

© shanghaigirleats

Autumn and hairy crab go hand in hand, and these homemade hairy crabs complete with all the right accoutrements look downright mouthwatering.

Jean-Georges at work in his kitchen

© shanghaigirleats

Outside of the kitchen, DJ has been fortunate enough to be invited into the kitchens of such legendary chefs as Jean-Georges, the man behind widely acclaimed Shanghai restaurants such as Jean-Georges, Shangahi and Mercato.

High tea with a view

© shanghaigirleats

Shanghai’s skyline is one of the most unique in the world, and a common feature found in DJ’s Instagrams. High-tea at Tops (at Banyan Tree) with a view like this is simply sublime.

Soup dumplings and scallion oil noodles

© shanghaigirleats

A match made in heaven, nothing pairs better than scallion oil noodles and deceptively scalding soup dumplings!

A motif of macaron

© shanghaigirleats

Vive le macaron! Shanghai’s obsession with French cuisine is seen everywhere, from its affinity for haute cuisine to these miraculous mini delights.

Cilantro guac margaritas at Mayita

© shanghaigirleats

Who said guacamole is for chips? Mayita breaks rank with their fantastically fun guacamole cilantro margarita. Innovation in a salt-rimmed glass.

Street jian bing

© shanghaigirleats

Of course, there’s much to experience in Shanghai once you hit the streets and eat the local food. A hearty jianbing in the morning is the quintessential Chinese meal on the go.

Mac 'n' cheese cheese melt

© shanghaigirleats

A little American food is always welcome in Shanghai, and this mac ‘n’ cheese stuffed grilled cheese sandwich from Co. Cheese Melt Bar got a warm reception from Shanghai foodies this past year.

Hongshao rou, or "red cooked pork".

© shanghaigirleats

Shanghai-style braised pork belly, or what’s locally known as hong shao rou, is another unmissable dish. This mouthwatering pile of pork belly, lovingly rendered in ginger, garlic, soy sauce, rice wine, and sugar, is taste overload and we can’t get enough.

Coconut and mango delight

© shanghaigirleats

If you’re a dessert lover, be advised: ShanghaiGirlEats IG page will keep you scrolling for hours! This coconut and mango medley can be found at Starling on Taixing Lu.

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